Nina's intricate and highly detailed sculptural works are for the most part, interactive and playful. 

There are always hidden elements to be looked through, in order to to discover richly narrative clandestine worlds, that are multi layered in meaning, texture, and surface.


Her series of 'Camera Illuminata' works are small scale sculptures, reminicent in their construction of Victorian peepshows.

These theatrical installations are contained within sealed tins, and can only be seen via small keyholes, that draw the viewer into fully realised environments.  

The works are for the most part, to be interacted with by one person at a time, making the experience one that is highly personal and private.

Nina’s sculptural housings form a very important function as stand alone objects but they draw you into further examination like all art should.

It is entertaining to be mystified by art works but the works natural inquisitiveness invites you into sometimes dark levels of awareness by disrupting the normally flat painterly plain, and produces a ‘Camera Illuminata’ experience. Shades of early cinema devices are heightened by the urge to explore the tiny world on display through the aperture access” 

John Chapman, director of Cinestall

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