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Photography & Installation

Nina's photographic work is surrealist in nature, seeking out the uncanny and eerie, to be found in the everyday and mundane.

Obsessed by old windows, doors, glass and mirrors; objects and interiors are seen in reflection, creating layers and texture.

Parts are revealed, others obscured. 

It's the mysterious, unsettling and clandestine that she seeks.

Alongside these works, 'The Letterbox Thief' is an ongoing series of photographs that 

plays with the boundaries of privacy, exposure and internal & external space.

They are snapshots of (mainly) people's homes, (sometimes public places), all taken through their letterboxes. People are never seen in the photograp

The physical boundary between what is private and kept from the outside world; just a door with a small boxed opening to separate them.
What she can see, is therefore limited to set dimensions and dictates the format of the photographs.

What does she hope to find?
What is obscured from our view and what is revealed? 

What remains hidden is a question for her. 

Is she a voyeur on the look-out for excitement? Something clandestine? Something she shouldn't see? Or simply the mundane, that could perhaps reveal an intimate part of a person's life?

Is she trespassing? 

She's invisible until caught.

Our hallways aren’t private spaces like other rooms in our homes, such as bedrooms.

We open our front doors to receive packages, to have the gas and electricity meters read, to friends and family.

Nina is attracted by the spontaneity of what she will discover and how the mundane becomes mysterious and atmospheric.

She likes to explore the play of light and shadow, and the reflections from the shiny metal of the letterbox flap.  


chair room.jpg
'Mannequins' w border
'Mannequins II'
'Drifting Man'
'Mrs Havisham and the Clouds Above'
Untitled (Claustrophobic tactile objects)
Untitled (The Collector)
'Isla In The Shadows' 2019
‘Isla In The Shadows’
Untitled (NW1)
Untitled (N5)
Untitled (N7)
Untitled (NW5)
Untitled (NW5)
Untitled (N5)
Untitled (NW3)
Untitled (N8)
Untitled (SW)
Untitled (SE1)
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