6-29th March 2020                   'Sensorium', group show with artist collective 'Alice in Hackneyland', Verv London 

8th – 16th February 2020         Annual Pastel Society, The Mall Galleries         


8th -18th August 2019              Discovery Sessions & Unity Arts Festival, group show, Trinity Arts Gallery, London                                                  

7th – 30th June 2019               ‘Dogs, Swans & Flange Zoo’ group show, Barbican Arts Trust, London


5th November -                        Group show at the Palazzo Falconieri, Rome       

5th December 2018 


23rd - 28th February 2018       ‘Incognito’ Group show, Art Number23, London


20th- 20rd July 2017                ‘Inside out’, Group show Curated by Gavin Turk,                                                                                                                           Hackney Wick, London 


27th October 2016                   Dark Arts Circus, By Other Means Gallery, London


10th December 2015               Christmas bazarr, Lubomirov/ Angus- Hughes 

                                                    gallery, London


4/5/6th December 2015        Christmas open studios, Mother Studios


26-28th June 2015 -                 Open studios, Mother Studios,  Hackney Wicked


1-3rd August 2014 -                  Open studios, Mother Studios,  Hackney Wicked festival


15th July 2014 -                         Pop up exhibition, launch for Hackney Wick Food Assembly, London


18th November 2013 -             Le Petit Coin café & Art gallery, solo show. London

January 31st  2014 


18th --20th                                 Crunch Art Fair, View Art Gallery

November 2011


10th-18th                                  ‘Where Once I Played…’ A Primrose Hill Arts Trail

September 2011                      15 locations around Primrose Hill, London (solo)


5th February-                          ‘Upcycled’

31st March 2011                       Group Show, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester


November 11th-28th               ‘I Have This Strange Kind Of Feeling & I Just Cant Place It’                                

                                                    Group Show with Folie A Deux, Utrophia, London,     


26th June - 7th                       ‘Identity & Dress’ Solo Show, Livingstone Studio, London

August 2010                       


11th –24th March 2010            ‘d a n m e n k i n o’  Thumb Cinema,  Book Art Bookshop

                                                    Group exhibition, Shoreditch, London


25th February-                        ‘Comfortably Strange’ View Art Gallery,

11th April 2010                          Group Show, Bristol


6-25th                                       Psyche Target, Turn Gallery, group Show, Berlin

November 2009               


28-30th August 2009             Blumenfest Wesensee Festival, Berlin


December 2008                     River Guild, Mixed Show, New York


December 2007                     Duncan Terrace Gallery, group exhibition, Islington, London


December 2007                     River Guild, Mixed Show, New York


December 2007                     Art Ireland, Rebecca Hossack Gallery


October  2007                        Art London

                                                 Rebecca Hossack gallery, Chelsea, London


September 2007                   The British Art Fair, Rebecca Hossack gallery, Royal College Of Art, London



March 2007                            The Affordable Arts Fair, Rebecca Hossack gallery, Battersea


18-20 May 2007                     The Affordable Arts Fair, Rebecca Hossack gallery, Bristol


23rd March-                            Tinsmiths, group show, Ledbury

22 April 2007                     


September 2006                   The British Art Fair, Gordon Hepworth Fine Art, Royal College of Art


January 2006                         ‘Justabox’, Shoredltch Gallery, Group Show, London



March 2005                            The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park,London


September 2005                   The British Art Fair, Gordon Hepworth Fine Art, Royal College of Art,


May 2004                               ‘Hullabaloo’  Music & Art fusion, Highgate, London


July-August 2004                  Havant Arts Centre, Group Show, Havant


March 2004                            Livingstone Studios, group show, Hampstead, London



August 2nd-17th 2003          ’I Came to Believe In Angels’ Solo Show

                                                  Winds Of Change Contemporary Art Gallery, Cheltenham   


May 3rd–27th July 2003        ‘Recollection’ City Art Gallery, Leeds


January 11th -                          ‘At the Bottom Of The Garden’ Group Show, Hitchcock’s Gallery, Bath

22 February 2003              



'October 5th-27th                   'Young gifted & broke' Recent Graduate group Show, Artifax Gallery, Sutton Coldfield



November-                             The Kilvert Gallery

December 2001                     Christmas Exhibition, Hay-On-Wye


July-sept 2001                      The Kilvert Gallery

                                                Summer Show, Hay-On Wye



2002-2020                        Private commissions            


Jan 2014                           Art work & Graphic Design of CD for Julie Mc Kee’s album  ‘Light on the Ledge’              



2011                                   Artist assistant to YBA  artist Mat Collishaw


11th –24th July 2010         ‘The Duchess Of Malfi’ Set design, collaboration with Punchdrunk & The English National                                                                                                                                                                          Opera.

2007                                 Jewellery Box Commission & Radio 4 Interview, Alison Cutts, BBC radio 4               


2004                                  Sculpture for the Icelandic band, Sigur Ros