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             Pastel works  

A recent summer residency in France gave rise to a body of work that explored two very contrasting homes; a dilapidated, un-lived in house, and the other belonging to a married couple of 40 years, who had recently separated.

Both led to the inquiry of ''What makes a home"?

Is it the objects, memories, conversations, people, sounds, experiences?


What began as site specific, has led to a large body of work, that much like her more intricate sculptures, stem from sourcing and collecting objects.

From flea markets; basic kitchen utensils, pots and plants, were arranged in the disused house, creating a narrative that brought familiarity and life to a very empty, ghost like interior.


Fascinated by the sense of presence of objects, the personalities they take on, absorbing something of their owners, and the displacement of the familiar & everyday into something... Other.

The drawings explore these relationships and the negative spaces between, their flatness and inaccurate perspective, as though they don’t really exist in reality.

The images become abstract like the emotional landscape of the separated family, and the abandoned home.

Working on these ideas, brought about a parallel process, which was more personal in nature.

Using birds as metaphors for the human psyche, she explores themes such as courage and fear, hope, disappointment and a sense of belonging.

Unless stated as a print, all works are original oil & chalk pastel drawings, (sometimes with collage) 

They are also available as hand finished, limited edition deckled edge Giclee prints.

Please contact me for prices and delivery options.

utensils hanging & sketchbook.jpg
'Plant in the Night Kitchen'
'Plant In The Night Kitchen' 2020
'Objects and their Shadows' (Yellow Ochr
'Objects and their Shadows' (Yellow Ochr
'Madeleine's Flea Market Vase' 2020
'Madeleine's Flea Market Vase'
'In the Night Kitchen' 2020
'In The Night Kitchen'
'Pink Plants on a Tablecloth' 2019
'Pink Plants on a Tablecloth'
Untitled (Red plant pot)
Untitled (Red plant pot)
Scissors & Whisk
'Objects & Spaces Between' 2020
'Muriel's Shadow'
'Muriel's shadow'
Untitled, 2020
Muriel's Kitchen (night scene)
Simplicity in a Complex World
Muriels kitchen III
Muriel's shadow (red)
'Lines & the Spaces between'
'Purple Pot'
'It All Just Ends Up As Ketchup'
'Show Us Yer Feathers' 2018
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