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Nina's collages and print based works are inspired by old fairytales, dreams and memories - collective and personal. They draw on a wide resource of collected & found materials, slowly building up and stripping back through layers of paint, textile, photography, drawing and collage, to create works that are rich with symbolism, depth and meaning.

The works here are available as limited edition prints and vintage glass slides.

Please email me if you have any enquires or would like to know about prices.

Please note, this page is being updated. Lots more to come! 

'Cat's Cradle Is For Sissies' 2019
'The Underwater Night Garden' 2019
'Cats Cradle Is For Sissies'
'Midnight At Utopia' 2017
'Marie's Reverie'
'In Search Of The Lost Child' 2017'
'Untitled' 2018
'In search of The Lost Child' 2018
‘Eliza & Mave Explore a New World’
'The Animals Took to the Streets'
'Isla & the Swan' 2018
'The Lady & The Moon' 2017
‘Rose & Delilah in the Night Garden'
‘Lois at her Bedside’ 2017
'Displaced' 2018
Twin Psyche Critics
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